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Kelly Bell Band

Kelly Bell, known as ‘The Bluesman’, is joined by vocalist Rahsaan “Wordslave” Eldridge, Ryan Fowler and Eric Robinson (guitar), Frankie Hernandez (bass), John Robert Buell (drums) and Dane Paul Russell (harmonica).  “The Kelly Bell Band lives outside of all the lines and freely mixes blues, funk, rock, metal, hip-hop, and more into a compelling fusion […]


Experience – Rock, Blues, and psychedelic shenanigans from Essex, MD.  Experience offers an array of sounds from 60’s – 70’s heavy rock classics (Sabbath, Zeppelin, The Who) to spacey jams (Allman Bros, Phish) and some material of their own.  Featuring Aaron Donahue (Vocals, Guitar, and Harmonica), Dylan Kendall (Guitar) and Jason Kendall (Drums).  This band […]

Mick Brierley Band

Mick Brierley Band - You may be used to seeing Mick Brierley playing solo acoustic country, rock and Indie sets around town. This time, he’s joined by Alan Marcus, Gene Ingram and Jess McQuay for a little experimenting with a full band on some classic blues and rock favorites. Expect to hear tunes from CCR, […]

Greg Thompkins Olde Skool Band

Greg Thompkins Olde Skool Band - Greg Thompkins Olde Skool Band returns to our stage with (Jim Orr, Brent Mingle, Wayne Johnson and Vince Mazzitti)!! They bring with them their brand of Jazz, Rock, Blues, Funk and Roll!! We are super excited to have them on our stage so be sure to stop in and […]

Mick, Jen & Shannon

Mick, Jen & Shannon - Mick Brierley covers material that concentrates on country/folk/indie stuff but tries to not limit himself to any specific genres. This local favorite with a voice that everyone loves is primarily a solo artist, but I have a feeling that we will be witnessing a few magical moments of collaboration with […]

Matt Kelley’s Swangbang

Matt Kelley’s Swangbang!  The Full Band plays a mix of Blues, Country, Western Swing, Hip Hop, Soul, Dixieland, Swing, Funk, and more of same! Matt is the Winner 2010 Albert King Award for Best Guitarist at the annual International Blues Competition in Memphis, TN! This band excels at it all so sit back and enjoy […]

Mark Hopkins & The Pretty War

Mark Hopkins grew up learning Beatles tunes but took a wild left turn into the jam band scene during high school and college. After studying music at Berklee, Mark moved back to Baltimore and found his voice in the world of blues and soul. Hopkins and his band love to improvise, but it all has to start with a good song.

Righteous Ramblers Rhythm Section

Righteous Ramblers Rhythm Section layers deliberate & spontaneous vibrations familiar to your soul.  Channeling the spirit of everything between, around & thru The Doors, The Band, The Cars, The Wailers & The Phish!  Featuring Brandt Austin Dunn on vox, guitar & percussion, Reggie Styte on bass, Greaton Sellers on keyboard & special guests from our […]

Timmy Shelley Band

Timmy Shelley Band from Maryland bring their guitar pickin’, harmonica playin’ Americana style to our stage!  They perform American Bluegrass, country, and soulful ballads with hard pickin’ guitar accompanied by blues harmonica and the terrific drumming of Ralph Tucker!


K1CK K plays R&B fusion with rock influences and pulls inspiration from all different types of music to blurr the lines of genres. We met in high school and continued to grow throughout college to create a well-connected group of 5. We strive to produce all our musical desires and visions to add to today's […]